What’s on my mind, what’s in my heart?

I don’t mind sharing my mind

But my heart remains enshrined

With you, I completely trust

With others, I’m not sure I must

Being ridiculed and humiliated

Are not what I want publicated

The memory of the past will stay

Nothing can wipe the pain away

To you, I’d poured out my soul

Although that wasn’t my goal

You know my deepest thoughts

And all the little what-nots

From laughter to tears I shared

Everything that you had read

Nothing I could hide

In you, I did confide

But the only consolation

Is that you’ve given me revelation

Of what I seek in life

And how to be a good wife

I’ve discovered more about myself

Otherwise I’ll just be on the shelf

Like a book that’s been neglected

With dust that had been collected

So now I ought to take courage

To free myself from bondage

“But Lord, I’m still afraid

To you I should have prayed.”

Laughter hides my every fear

No doubt it also gives me cheer

But it’s difficult to differentiate

Shall I let go or shall I wait?

Questions fill my mind with doubt

Wondering how to go about

What shall I do, what shall I say

Maybe… Lord, another day

But I know now what’s bothering me

Like for many, it’s uncertainty

Restful heart for which I pine

In Your time, Lord, and not mine