The onion, the onion!

Dear Lord, what an amazing creation this onion is

Onions I have eaten

Onions I have touched

Onions I too have studied in detail

Remembering those Art lessons in school

Cutting one

Peeling one

Making uncalled for comments

Those were the days

Now one thing I need  to admit

I have never ever prayed

With the onion and certainly

Never have I used an onion

To be a symbol for myself

Yet, at our most recent workshop

I have to thank You for letting me see

How wonderful the onion is

I touched them

I observed them

I distributed them to the participants

I also was led to pray while peeling the onion

Sharing one with two of the men

So we took turns to peel and to watch

To reflect and later to write

All so marvellous

All so edifying

It made me want to sing for joy

Your inspiration to me

Peeling an onion

Is akin to doing Inner Healing

Sinners are we with Original Sin

But Baptism so special purifies us

Till once again we discover

Discrepancies along the way

Then must we confess in order to be purified

And now our  journey continues

With the onion, would you not believe?

We are to keep peeling it

To go against its resistance

Pruning is not easy, surely

But with your grace

We will make it to the last

Thank God!






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