My Faith Journey

It all began with the Legion of Mary

Some thirty years ago

Daily prayer and faith in action

Called to Personal sanctification

My group of friends and I

We were so enthusiastic

We did everything together

We could really clique

From talks to rallies

Masses and rosaries

North and South, East to West

We were there with all the rest

We visited old folks’ homes

Provided a listening ear

During Christmas we would carol

In hope to bring some cheer

To patients in hospitals

We brought warm hearts and smiles

Sometimes we prayed with them

Comforted them in their trials

We were challenged on our faith

Questions we could not answer

So we read up our bibles

Defended our faith proper

Contact work was quite daunting

Before we approached strangers

On the street and in shopping places

We prayed for God’s protection and His graces

All these experiences

Pleasant and otherwise

Strengthened my faith

Taught me to evangelise