Finding God through writing


Through this simple yet profound exercise of peeling onions, I have managed to draw parallelism between the layers of onion and the struggles I’ve faced in my personal relationship with Christ.

As I was peeling back the tough protective skin of the onion, I noticed the weathered and crusty nature of it. The protective skin of the onion reminded me of my tired and jaded outlook which I had unwittingly picked up and adopted towards life. It is this same unhealthy attitude which had unfortunately inhibited me from being closer to God.

As I continued peeling back the onion, the outermost layer of the onion revealed the slightly pinkish flesh. Subsequent layers reflected significantly more pink until I reached the radiantly white center of the onion. The lightening of the colours of the flesh of the onion signified the level of purity I wish to attain through my personal encounter with Christ.

My tough exterior has previously prevented Christ from truly removing the impurities in my life. I didn’t allow Him into my life where He could bring out the best and unadulterated part of me. His numerous calls to me went unanswered. I rejected His invitation to embrace Him. I had refused to acknowledge Him as my Father and yet He continued to shower upon me His unconditional love. Indeed, there wasn’t a period in my life where I couldn’t feel His tender and soothing presence.

Through the passage of time, His love for me has torn down the many barriers I have erected in my heart. Similar to the skins and layers of the onion that I have peeled in this exercise, He patiently reached down to work and touch the core of my heart. I hope that in the future I will never be distanced from His love again.

Jesus sees me as someone who is constantly inspired by His numerous miraculous work observed in my daily life. He also sees me as someone who, through His Grace, seeks to gain spiritual and emotional maturity so that I can be shaped and molded to His likeness.

Lord, you invited me to follow You but I have rejected your invitation for fear of not measuring up to the standards You implored me to achieve. As I begin the journey towards baptism, I have come to the realization that although I might falter, You will always be there to prop me up and gave me the strength and wisdom to continue the journey towards becoming a man of God. Grant me the tenacity needed to complete this journey. 

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.



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