Till we meet again, Brother!

AboutBrothersofStGabrielBig 111AboutBrothersofStGabrielP1200019Brother Jean Denis

Last year 2014 around this time we were thinking that our dear Brother would be summoned Home to the good Lord but it was not to be. December 2014 came and we again perhaps thought that he might leave us on the special day of our Lady’s Immaculate Conception. It was not to be the end.

Brother and I actually shared about this particular point, and we even had time to chuckle over the goodness of God who blessed Brother with many more months of gracious living.  Brother started to gain appetite and to eat his food. Eventually he was discharged! Just fancy that! We serve a mighty God!

Some days ago in September, I thought that I could visit our dear Brother but on that very occasion, I was informed that he was not feeling good and that he would have to see a doctor that very afternoon itself. It was to Brother Emmanuel that I had spoken, and so I left Monfort Centre.

The following morning, a few parishioners informed me that Brother had been admitted to the hospice again. I went that morning with a few others, and we found Brother lying on his bed. A broad smile was on his face!

Prayers followed and slowly, some of the others left to make way for the hospice helpers who had their duties to perform. I lingered for a few moments. Brother told me to remain. I did, and in those few moments, we said what were really some final words . . . .

I left the hospice, grateful and thankful to our Lord for having given me such a wonderful brother in the Lord. From this religious Brother I grew to love our Lady even more, and to always turn to the Holy Spirit for all my needs. I grew to love the rosary and I am glad that I had the opportunity to share the devotion with many people. It was for me a joy to help recruit people to pray a decade of the rosary, and although the number I recruited were not many, I am glad that so many of us have come to love the rosary more. In the devotion we had, each had a specific mystery to meditate upon, and would you be able to guess what Brother had for his  meditation all these years?

While writing this, I had an invitation to go to the wake but I declined. I had gone yesterday. Tomorrow morning I shall attend the funeral mass instead. It will be a good send off. I thank God for one more friend in heaven!

Brother looked like he was sleeping, and at 85, I think he had lived a rich and abundant life. Now, it is time for him to hear the good Lord say to him: Good and faithful servant, come into the kingdom prepared for you!

Eternal rest grant unto Brother O Lord and let your perpetual light shine on him. May he, through your mercy, rest in peace. Amen.




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