Summoned to love

Just today I spoke to a fellow Catholic Christian

He was there with his wife and all his loved ones

His mother in law  had been summoned

And we had all gathered to pray

Such a delightful experience it turned out to be

Such a joy so rare, so rare

And what made it so, what made it rare

The entire family praying aloud

The entire family unafraid to sing out loud

And so it was with gusto that they were sending

Their relative of eighty seven years

To her eternal reward

The funeral will be on another day

Another day not so far away

And I must tell you about the brother I spoke to

Brought together to recall

An incident more than two decades ago

This fellow Catholic just mentioned

Interestingly so, interestingly so

It was at another funeral

And he remembered it all

My own mother’s death

My conversion to the faith

Ah, I see, I see. . .

So would you not say that the good Lord

Has a reason for me to rejoice

That my conversion to the faith

Should have made such an impact

Should have caused the faith community

To recall and I thank God for the opportunity

To clarify and to renew that relationship

Of the sponsor the brother was in the Rite of Christian Initiation

And the crash course convert that is me

I thank God and I praise God

All that has happened

All that has happened




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