Poetry made fun


Leaves on the ground, dried and dead

Shrivelled up in all ways, never to be what they  once were

So now, what does one do?

Weep that the season  is over or move on gleefully  to the next?

Are you asking me?

I love the shades of brown in autumn

The orange and the maroon still around

And surely life with all that has taken place takes on new meaning

And in the winter one starts

Silently serenely surely slow down, slow down

One begins to know more intuitively

To sense more deeply

How the seasons past

Have lessons aplenty

And one is nudged to share

But the young ones

Oh, they are not too keen

The lessons of life they must learn on their own

And then the seasons come and they go, they come and they go

Till once more Spring becomes Winter and one just grows, grows, grows!

For times gone by

For the present

And the future to come!



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