I am a cup in God’s Hands


This was one of the prompts given at our recent writing session (5 minutes)

I am a cup in God’s Hands

And I am beautiful

I said WOW the moment I saw the cup

It is unique

It is lovely

It is great – a work of art

And dear Lord, I realise that you are the reason for my thoughts

It is You who made me beautiful

Being with You makes me beautiful

I touch the cup

I touch Your love

Lord, You  have created me so well

I am amazed

I am truly amazed



What joy! What a gift!

If I had seen the cup from afar

I would have also noticed it

It is so special


SPECIAL and that is me!

My child, my daughter

You are Mine and I am also yours

As you connect with Me

You will grow

You will  shine

You will be more lovely, more radiant

Like the bride, you are beautiful

Keep your link with Me

Be Mine not for now but for ever and ever!



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