The last few things

You ought to make every effort to free yourselves even from venial sin, and to do what is most perfect. – Saint Teresa of Avila

Eschatology – A big word

What does it mean?

The Study of the last things

Not just any old thing but the important ones

Five key items like death, judgement, heaven, hell or purgatory

Like DYING when one’s time comes

One cannot really tell the hour

or the moment the summons come

Like being JUDGED by our Lord Jesus

Lord of both the dead and the living

Before whom we have to give an account of our lives

Like being banished to HELL and being tormented by the fires

Eternally damned and forever suffering

Like being rewarded with ETERNAL LIFE!  

And being able to praise God for always

And of course, for those who still need some expiation

They go to PURGATORY to be purged and made clean

These last five things are so important, are they not?

We can never be careless with the way we live

“The two most important moments of   

our lives are NOW and at the                                  

HOUR OF OUR DEATH.” (St Catherine of Siena)


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