Through this simple yet profound exercise

of peeling onions,

I have managed to draw parallelism

between the layers of onion

and the struggles I’ve faced

in my personal relationship with Christ.

As I was peeling back

the tough protective skin of the onion,

I noticed the weathered and crusty nature of it.

The protective skin of the onion

reminded me of my tired and jaded outlook

which I had unwittingly picked up

and adopted towards life.

It is this same unhealthy attitude

which had unfortunately inhibited me

from being closer to God.

As I continued peeling back the onion,

the outermost layer of the onion revealed

the slightly pinkish flesh.

Subsequent layers

reflected more pink 

until I reached the radiantly white center of the onion.

The transitions of the colour of the flesh

signified the purity I aspire

 to reach with Christ.

My tough exterior

has previously prevented Christ

from truly removing the impurities in my life.

I didn’t allow Him into my life

where He could bring out

the best and unadulterated part of me. 

I had refused to acknowledge Him

as my personal Lord and Saviour

His many calls to me went unanswered.

His many invitations to embrace Him went unheeded. 

Fortunately through the passage of time,

His love for me has torn down the many barriers

I have erected in my heart. 

Similar to the layers of the onion

that I had physically removed,

He has patiently reached down

to touch and work on the core of my heart.

I pray that in the future

I will never unwittingly shut myself

 from His love again.