The Holy Face

holy face of Jesus

I am not being morbid

Far from it

But I do love the Holy Face of our Lord

So many versions have I seen

So many versions indeed

Of the Holy Face of Jesus

Whose countenance calls one

To pay attention

This one reveal eyes that seem to beckon

To call one forth from one’s busyness

To reflect on the grace to seek

To stand up and be counted

As one of His followers

Like Veronica true to her name

The veil of the Sixth Station

I am reminded here and now

Would I have done the same

Would I have done the same

How deep is my love for the Lord

How deep is it

That will decide

And yet, I  know, I know too well

All things are easy to say

Till one is really put to the test

Then one’s true colours will show

One’s integrity and holiness of life

Otherwise, it is simply wishful

Thinking of the unimaginative kind

As I know for sure

He carried His sorrows

He endured all pain

For my salvation

That I may be saved

That I may have the grace to repent

To seek conversion of life

To find joy in a new lease of life

Praise God!


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