The Holy Spirit and water

Water is a vital commodity present in all human beings.

As with water, the Holy Spirit also resides within all of us

Water cleanses and refreshes us physically

The Holy Spirit does so spiritually, emotionally

And in other wonderful ways

Having both the Holy Spirit and water

in our lives cannot be overstated

Both are necessary 

To sustain life

 For us to flourish

We intuitively seek out both elements

 In our lives when we are low in either account


We often choose to do so

With corrupted and unhealthy alternatives

Instead of a glass of plain water

which would have dutifully satisfied

our physical thirst

we are often tempted by a refreshing cold soda.

Along with  the unintended consequences

of consuming such a sugar laden beverage

are lethargy and fatigue.

In a similar vein

a cold beer does not serve to hydrate us.

Instead it serves to intoxicate

and paradoxically dehydrate us even further.

The adulterated and inferior choices

we make often

carry unnecessary side effects

that truly inhibits us

from being free from  bondages

Similarly, we all seek to experience

the Holy Spirit in our lives

to gain true and eternal happiness.

However, instead of engaging in

prayers and meditation,

we partake in the worldly habits

and vices that pull us away from God.

Saint Augustine was once a man

living a life of exploits and debaucheries,

 trying to seek happiness.

He managed to repent

through prayers and meditation

to begin a complete turnover

and successful conversion towards Christianity.

Many of us might be tempted

to subscribe to false beliefs

that promise to bring us happiness and joy.

As seen in Saint Augustine’s personal experience with Christ,

only allowing the Holy Spirit in our lives

can we experience

the sense of peace and belonging

we all so yearn for throughout our entire lives.