Write to me

Just three words and a big broad smile

‘Write to me’ you said

So here goes

A little note to say hullo

 To say how much I have enjoyed

Your many articles

Giving glimpses of your good self

I seem to see the smile

And I certainly hear it in your voice

Every little note

Written surely with love

Indeed written with a joy

 Quite unexplainable

Truly unfathomable  

And you will ask and I will reply

Yes, I had a good retreat

Wonderful as always

A vacation with the One

The One who loves me

The One who cares for me

 The One who wants to give me the best  

There was the Emmaus experience

 On the first morning

I saw Him at the Breaking of Bread

My joy overflowing

 Tears of consolation…

I even heard Him say

Remain in my love  

Oh what memories I now hold

Within my heart

Just because I responded

To His warm invitation

To annually take a break

To spend it with Him  

All these long years

I have been doing this

The rewards are beyond counting

As I see my wounds healed

My pain lessened

My outlook of life improved

This is no doubt a lifelong process

And who cares when one knows

It is He who will always be there

And who will say ever so gently

Remain in my love.


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