Take Courage!

You ought to make every effort to free yourselves even from venial sin, and to do what is most perfect. – Saint Teresa of Avila

It is not at all easy to keep cool

When the storms are all around

Not at all easy when there is hardly any patience shown

No, Lord, it is not easy

But you promise graces to those who ask

I was feeling a little low

Thinking to myself how I could go on

And then as I left the Chapel

Your words of great consolation came to me

They came firm and clear

No mistake about the words heard

John’s Gospel which I so love

Take Courage, I have conquered the world

I heard your words

Overcome with joy

Warm tears flow  down my cheeks

With firm steps

A joyful spirit

To replace all that had tried to drag me down and down

But I serve a mighty God, a victorious God

Yes, sinful as I am, hard as I try not to fall

I do and I get up again and I succeed

Pride all deflated

Humble and meek for a while

Leaning on my Lord and Master

till the Summons come for me

To return where I belong

Where I belong!


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