Looking ahead to eternity

Dream that the more you struggle, the more you prove the love that you bear your God, and the more you will rejoice one day with your Beloved, in a happiness and rapture that can never end. – Saint Teresa of Avila

So often we have to look beyond

See the truth for what it is

And when times are bad and one feels low

Then is truly the time to let go

And to let God

Let things as they are

Let things run its course

St Teresa, you have said

All things are passing

And that is so true

Even the  worst problems have to end

Even the greatest sorrow cannot go on

An end will come

All things are passing

So let us take heed

Let us take heed

Such consolation

Such words of wisdom

How else can one go on

But to meditate often on the eternal life

Such amazing grace

Such a time of learning

Being wise

Just being wise

How else can one continue

But to keep focussing on what is  to come

The promise of heaven

The glory of  forever and forever being

In a state of sheer bliss


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