The Invisibles of Society (As told by an Orange Cat)

This activity was done in a writing workshop where the participants were invited to create something out of plasticine that best represented them.

I see the world through a third-person’s point of view

Peering up, I see the people around me, towering above me

I am the orange tabby cat that sits around common areas

Areas that are frequented by people

People ignore or walk past me, barely noticing my presence

I do not have a home nor an owner to care for me 24 hours, 7 days a week

I do not disturb anyone unless I am hungry for food with a pitiful meow

Sometimes, I am subjected to loud shoos where people would chase me away or threaten to hit me if I do not budge

My life is unpredictable as I am either liked or disliked by society

Looking back at the creation story

God has created me

A cat as his own beautiful creation

Before he created men

Just like the people in society who are looked down upon

I too understand their pain

But I believe that just like the colours on my body

I have a loving and friendly façade where people would play or just sit with me

Am I a Visible or Invisible?

Visible I know in his eyes.

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



One thought on “The Invisibles of Society (As told by an Orange Cat)

  1. It would be nice if we had a photo of the model that you did. The Orange Cat. But more than any photo, you are writing more poetry, and that is truly commendable. Praise the Lord!

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