You might think I have forgotten you
Because I look up at the sky and smile
At rainbows, fluffy clouds and flight
Of parakeet across the sky. You see,
The sun laughs in molten pools on the grass
And leaf-tips; not to join in
Would be a sin against the deep life
Bursting from earth’s green core.

Yet there you are, dear,
In the dove-grey shade beneath the swell
Of rosy clouds, in the darkest shadow
Within the shadows of rain trees
Thrown against the pavement at midnight,
In the inky black eye
Of the spiral pearl-pale shell,
Within all the things you notice
Only when you care to look.

There you are, dear,
In the last purple silk wisp
Of twilight before nightfall,
In the imperceptible sadness
Hidden in a child’s smile before it ends,
In these and all the interstices,

The emphemera – the wind
That buffets my face, whispering
“Remember me” – and the forever things –
The constant heartbeat
Of the soft-sobbing sea.



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