‘Tis the Time of Year!

Peace on earth, goodwill to men

Christmas bells will soon be ringing

My favourite time of the year

Time to spread some cheer…


Let us remember the not so fortunate

Let us pray for those who have lost their families

May God grant them inner peace and joy

The peace and joy that He freely gives


Let us learn to appreciate

Everything that we have, and not take for granted

Lives have been lost and freedom taken away

Through natural disasters, wars or self afflicted?


Pray, pray, pray for peace

Pray for a change of heart

Pray for conversion

And with ourselves, we start


Very soon, the New Year will be here

What have we done this whole year?

Something worthwhile, a difference we’ve made

Did we take courage, or were we afraid?


Big or small

God sees them all

So if you have not

Do give it a thought


35 days to go

It doesn’t have to be people you know

A smile, a nod, a friendly Hello

Just let God’s Love in you outflow


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