Gifts of water – Perak, Malaysia


As the dawn with a thrust
Parts the soft dark of sky

I part the cool waters
And with an anticipatory shudder
Plunge beneath its deep.

The water is not green,
White or silver; it is all
The colors of the trees, earth,
Skies and now, me,

Turned upside-down, captured
In the mirror-surface like a memory
Forever held.

I remember once standing on the mountain
Yelling and begging the frozen granite.
Now the yielding softness
Gives me what I yearn for,

Riches more precious than silver jewels
Tumbling from my hair and skin.

Here I am in the water
When it first roared singing
From the dark heart of rocks
Into the bright still world.

I am here in its end-days
Standing in the water in Paradise
When I shall think – this is all,
All I ever wanted.



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