A New Year will soon begin. . .

The final days of this year will soon be gone

Never to return save in our memories

What kind of a year has it been?

It would be good to take time to give thanks

For all that is good, all that has been edifying

And I must say that it is also good

To give thanks for all that has taken place

As we are frail human beings let us not be surprised

By mistakes made, by sins committed

How else can we grow if we never learn

If we never look back and thank God

For it could have been worse, surely

And so tonight as I ponder over the past months

Allow me to invite you to join in

We give thanks to You, O God our Father

We give thanks to You, O Saviour of us all

And we give you thanks, Wonderful Holy Spirit

Holy Trinity we praise and thank You

We count on You to be with us in the New Year, the days ahead of us. . . .

Lead us, Lord!

And thank you, dear friends, for being a part of the whole journey of faith and life and love and thanksgiving and being grateful for all things and all peoples and all of the experiences of life and so on and so forth. . . .



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