I am a snowman of God

I am a snowman of God.

My Creator has created me with His tender hands. He has conceptualised and constructed me in His image. For I am no ordinary snowman. I was created with a purpose in mind.

However when I look upon the neighbouring snowmen, I cannot help but envy them. They have all the trimmings I could ever dream of. I wonder what it would be to be like them.

After some deliberation, I stumbled upon this profound realization. Although I might not have all the elaborate trappings the other snowmen have, He loves me just the same.

His love transcends materialism.

Though I was made to be a perfect snowman, the world soon transformed me. I was at the whims and fancies of the external environment. The dazzling afternoon sun soon blinded me. The cold passing rain dampened my spirit.

When all hope seemed lost, He emerged to patch me up.

My Creator spent a lot of time and attention on me. As I risked getting buried by the surrounding snow, He came to rescue me. When mischievous kids threatened to destroy me, He reassured me when he stood guard at my side.

Now as I begin to melt, I shall always remember that His love for me endures. For I have merely changed from a solid matter to a liquid state.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



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