Dearest Mom

Dearest Mom

Here I am and there you are

I am thinking of you, thinking of where you are in the fullness of life

Thinking of the dream I had of you soon after your return to our Lord

Thinking of the marvels of all that have happened in your life

I praise God for the day you received Baptism

That day – 8 January 1993 -truly it can be said

Salvation has come to this house

For soon after it was my turn for Baptism -10 April 1993

How I still remember that glorious night

When the angels rejoiced in heaven

Be exalted O God above the heavens

Let thy glory be over all the earth

A sinner has come home to the Lord

Then your turn  it was to say good bye

for a while, for a short while – 16 April 1993

Yes, Mom, I am here and you are there

I am on earth while you are in heaven

Still the communion of saints unite us in the spirit

And I am so grateful to be remembering

your Baptism anniversary

Tomorrow is THE DAY

Tomorrow is THE DAY

 I am ever so very thankful to our Lord

For blessing you and me with the gift of Faith

Faith in God all merciful, all powerful

All tenderness and kindness

Indeed you are all good, all blessed, all holy

Lord of lords and King of kings

The Alpha and the Omega

The First and the Last

The One who first loved us all

The Advocate who intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father

The great Amen who seeks only to do the will of the Father

The One to whom I will one day return

With all who love you and long to be with you

To spend eternity just praising you forever and ever!



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