To an angsana tree


Today the sun has decided
To shine on you, you alone
Of all other trees along the path.
It has seen you, smiled
And singled you out for goldness.
It has licked your leaves
With long burnished tongues.
Today you shine whilst all others
Murmur beneath the shadowy lot
Of forgotten stars.

Today the wind has chosen
To dance with you, to whirl you.
It grasps your limbs, twirls you
Round and round, to a music
Made only for you. You laugh
And in your joy, old leaves tumble
At your feet, brown, withered,
Of use to you no longer.

Soon they will pass you by, the sun
And the wind. You shall be but one tree
Amongst all others. In these days you
And I, who watched you from the window,
Will remember forever the day
You blazed, you shone,
And spun with the wind.



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