The Word made flesh


Thanks be to God for the gift of Jesus

And thanks  for the grace to pray daily

Meditating as always on the Birth of Jesus

Christmas with all the meanings attached

The poverty  of the Holy Family

The refugees moving to Bethlehem

The humility of Christ and his loved ones 

The docility of the Child Jesus

The total obedience of doing the Father’s will

It seems a total mystery to me

And it will be so for the days ahead

What could have been Your motivation, Lord?

The desire to pour forth love aplenty

And that divine love mystifies too

I cannot understand

My puny mind remains baffled

With gratitude only and with many thanks

I hail the King of kings and the Lord of lords

The coming of our Saviour

Enough for me to believe

Understanding everything is no guarantee of a strong faith

Accepting it all in a childlike fashion is better

And I gaze again at the Blessed Sacrament

Remembering that one meditation years ago

The humility of our Lord

 The vulnerability of the Son of God made Man

Present in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity

And I smile deeply with gratitude!







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