A Certain Chaos Within Me


There is a certain chaos within me

Like a boiling pot of water whistling for attention to be put out

Grappling with so many sins and weaknesses has made me

Want to hide from you, O God

That sometimes, I am unsure of where I need to begin

To seek forgiveness and love from the people around me

Allow me to return to you, O God

Just like your disciple Jonah who kept running away from you

He answered your call slowly but surely

And it made him believe that no matter how heavy

The crosses we carry

May we continue to always look to you for courage and strength

Also, just like your disciple Job

Who experienced the harshness and many tribulations of life

May I be able to let go of the chaos to live with it

But not let it master my life

Jesus is the only Master

whom I know can forgive my sins

He knows what I need most

A life with minimal chaos

For I am a child of God

God  ever so loving, merciful and always available

In all the hours of a day!


Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong




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