Living in a Chaotic World


We live in a chaotic world

Where God seems so distant amidst the physical noise of the world

That war, terrorism and bloodshed seem to be a threat to people everywhere

I do not know how to make sense of the chaos

To  find  your  voice, O God

To find peace and quiet moments just to be away from the chaos

May the Holy Spirit guide me

Just as the spirit guided the disciples into not running away from your call

But to fight and oppose the chaos

It is important to start small

And to have the humility and compassion

 To stand up for anything or anyone

Who might be oppressed or misguided by the chaos

May your light and presence continue to shine within the world

And give light to even the darkest corners of men’s hearts

For men are never born evil

It is a choice that they freely make

Though we are free to choose

May we choose the path of Redemption and Righteousness

For  sinners we are

But we must not let our sins define us

Reminded  by your birth and death, O Jesus

That guided by the Spirit and God’s word

We are able to find peace and hope

Instead of chaos and darkness.

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



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