Who is this Man?


Who is this man?

That says to the wind,

be calm and it is calm,

to the sea, be still and it is still

That man is Jesus

Our Saviour and Lord

However, many a times

We do not recognize Jesus

And even forget that He is here with us,

In the same moment

He is the captain of the boat

Everything obeys Jesus

 He who created the world

And many beautiful things in the process

Though the storms threaten to capsize the boat

Which is the Church

Jesus speaks of faith

The faith to know that the Holy Spirit burns deeply within us

That He will calm our fears and anxieties

That He will protect us from all harm and evil influences

For men has no power like Jesus

He is merciful towards his disciples

Even when they doubted him

In the moment of fear and uncertainty

This Man is Jesus

And that it is because of this Man

That we are called Catholics

Called to be courageous and faithful

Disciples of Jesus!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



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