Working Together with Jesus


Lord, you invite me to work with you,

To bring calm to the world by

Praying for your guidance

Praying for a channel to bring the calm

Praying for others who might be seeking the calm

Which is you, Jesus

I always treasure time spent with you

In the adoration room

My head bowed in prayer

Eyes fixed on the Eucharist

The silence and calmness

Flowing within my mind and heart

In having such long conversations with you

That I hear your voice telling me

Where should I go from here?

How should I communicate with the people around me?

Or go about dealing with issues that I am confounded with

Sometimes, you surprise me Lord

With inspiration

So I depart with a smile

Not only on my face but in my heart

At times, you humour me

With a ‘no’ answer

But I can see you smiling at me

Reassuring me that a ‘no’ answer

Might be an indication

That I have to look at it again

Working with you is a gift

Because of your invitation at baptism

That to restful waters

You will lead me

To revive my drooping spirit.

Thank you Jesus!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



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