Interesting how this word has taken on some significance for me

In a way that is not common, may I add

And all because of the way we were led in our recent writing session

Chaos equals unrest

Chaos equals also turmoil all around

But now this word sounds tame enough

It has become a friend, if I may put it this way

Why, you may ask

Perhaps it is because I got my answer today

In my time of prayer with our Lord

He saw me this morning

He heard me too

And I talked to him about the chaos

About the things that have been causing much unrest

And the morning prayer ended well

Peace reigned in my heart 

What a blessing it was this  morning

At the end of the quiet time I was all smiles

I felt so contented and even gently told myself

You should have known better

Yes, chaos because of the love of my God

Chaotic – due to His immense love for me

I share in His pain

I share in  His sorrow

Chaos and chaotic the times may be

But I am happy just knowing that it is truly

nothing more than grace

Grace to suffer along with the One who first loved me

Praise God for the chaos

Praise God indeed!




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