“Xin Nian Dao”

Xin nian dao

Xin nian dao

Time to prepare

All the hong baos


That time of year has come again

But this time I see it differently

Why is it that we only realise it

When we start to age gracefully?


The importance of families

The value of relationship

The connection between people

The real conversation we all crave, isn’t it?


Families becoming smaller

Aliens, we have become, to one another

But the rift is usually caused by our predecessor

Our kids don’t know their neighbour


How can we overcome this?

There is no sure answer

We can only start from here

Only then can we go further


So treasure the people around you

Family, neighbour and friend

People who look out for you

Say a little prayer for them. Amen!


P/s:  Xin nian dao – New Year has arrived

Hong bao – red packet (which contains a gift of cash)


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