Happy Lunar New Year: Gratitude for Graces


I hear the sounds

the sounds of celebration

roads adorn with neon lights

the festive lion and dragon dances

amidst the shouts of well wishers

and the red packets and goodies

people dressed in new clothes

blessing of  mandarin oranges

shiny and sweet-tasting

showing how culture and religion have co-existed

calendars marked  2016

being grateful for the start of a new year

the new year where we must keep God in us

and he will keep us in his embrace

protecting us

like how during mass yesterday

I gazed out of the Church momentarily

and felt comforted and protected

a sanctuary where the outside world

could do no harm

worries and anxieties

weathered and weary

gone and banished

focus not on what tomorrow might bring

but on relationships with loved ones


reunion of families to bury the past wrongs

surrounded by graces and providence

hoping that it will last throughout the year

in keeping God close in our lives

to proceed into the Lenten season

with prayer, fasting and giving

can I accomplish that?

perhaps with patience and commitment

to find joy

joy that is a billion times greater

the joy in time spent with Jesus


as the new school year lies ahead

a fleeting cast of apprehension

to sustain  and preserve me


till beyond, Amen!

God Bless.

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



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