The two olive-backed visitors
Have returned for nesting season,
The male regal, blue-blazed
Across the breast, the female
Smaller, livelier. Together
They drink from hibiscus blooms,
Chirp across branches, pick fluff
From the old tablecloth to build a nest.
They feed the chick, insects
Wriggling in curved beaks, tell it stories
Of the beyond. Soon they will fly
And they will conquer
All worlds.

Watch them and wonder
Why you curl like mimosa leaf
At a tender touch when love comes,
When the world summons you, saying,
“I am not worthy?” Did you think
You were more special than small birds,
Or less ordinary?



One thought on “Sunbirds

  1. You do have so much fun with birds. I once had a few friends and we all chose birds. Guess what I chose as a young school girl? A common bird. Sparrow!

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