My experience of writing – a dream


I remember the day
I heard them sing
Clear as a chime
In the heart of a bell-

I wanted them to ask me
To play. That was all.
But they ran. So I followed

Through the standing roots
Of mangroves that were once dancing girls.
Feet sink into mud streaked
With rivulets containing sky-worlds.

I knew, even then,
My destiny was thus-
To stumble through wet ferns,
Tangled trees of all forests

Of this world and the next
Hands outstretched
To catch echoes of their song

Tumbling like softest petals,
Sweet as dancing children.
I drop them and wail-
These are not what I want!

I yearn for fire that burns away
Everything superfluous-

I yearn for crystal shards
That dazzle my eyes
And pierce my flesh-

I long for that
Which forces the eyes of my skin
To open.



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