Eyes of my skin


You asked, you prayed, you begged
For the eyes of your skin to be opened.

You want to inhale beauty
Through your pores like sweet mountain air.

I can grant you this. But wait.
Be wise. Be careful what you ask for.

This is what you will see –

The world, set afire, each creature,
Tree, leaf, blade of grass lit
By a thousand magnified suns after cleansing rain.

This is what you will hear –

Hapless cheeps of baby birds
Fallen from nests, snatched by hornbills,
The screams of their parents searching
From branch to branch, all the silent howls
Of mothers bereft of their children.

This is what you will feel –

Despair of caged lions longing
For open spaces, of beached whales
For blue song of home, of all those trapped
In the enclosed space of the heart,

All the unbearable joy, the pain
Of hidden wounds encroaching upon you
Like granite.

I wonder
If you could bear it.



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