The Burning Bush and the Fig Tree


I am climbing

starting from the bottom

making my way up to the mountain

a rucksack strapped over my shoulder

carrying only the bare minimum

the air cold

wind rustling through the trees

trudging up the steep slopes

reaching the halfway point

I chanced upon a fig tree

it looked weathered

but there were many fruits

its fruits were edible



just like how we are called to allow Jesus

to cultivate and shape us

in knowing that his ways

are difficult but just

that like the fig tree who has adapted

to the harsher climate of the mountain

so must we

to bear fruit even in the harshest of conditions

sweet and juicy fruits for everyone to enjoy


I continue my way up to the mountain

giving thanks to God in my heart

upon almost reaching the mountain top

my soles and back aching

I saw a bright light

in the distance

I was gripped by fear as I did not see anyone on my way up

could it be unwanted trouble?

but it was not

it was a sight to behold

the burning bush

its flame was warm

not too hot

not too cold

it was comforting as it burned steadily

a voice sounded from the bush

and it resonated in my heart

God was speaking

yes he is like the light

that radiates in our heart

guiding us

teaching us

shaping us

he has heard the cries of the world

the pain

the sufferings

the darkness

and that we must find time

to pray and to seek out

both the burning bush and the fig tree

for both are symbols

not merely parables

that God is never far away

he is very near

after speaking with Jesus

I felt more energized

knowing that the way that lies ahead

is rocky

is steep

is dangerous

is unpredictable

but I know that Jesus

is waiting for me

at every step of the way

the feelings of

his love

his mercy

his compassion

has washed over me

now I can rest peacefully

near the flames that

will protect

and warm me

till daylight breaks.

God Bless!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



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