Keppel Hill reservoir


We have traversed green corridors

Roofed with entwined branches,

Balanced on mossy stone walls

To reach the enchanted centre,


The mirror-still olive green heart

That holds memories of vanished clouds,

Russet trees, of a time


When it was loved, when people

Came for water, when children

Frolicked in the glassy surface.


At times it was loved

Too much.


There were those who stretched out

Their arms, leapt from weighted stone

To become one with the green depths.


Thus abandoned, obliterated

From all maps, it grew sullen

And walled itself in with trees.


Yet here in the centre of all things,

In this living cathedral I say to you:


More lives love you than you know.


Today golden Orioles, Asian koels

Bleed their song to you. Cicadas trill,

The crystal notes


Like dragonflies that skip across

And kiss your waters.


Trees bend their branches

Over you, bronze-lit by  sudden shafts

Of sun


That open up bright wells in you

Greener than new grass.


And when I and all of us

Are gone, still you will remain,

Deep heart holding images

Of clouds long passed.












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