Pilgrims on the journey

Thank You for the gift of friends

Travelers on the way

Companions on the journey

Each with our own baggage

Each with our own pain

Thank You for the joy of sharing

Deep sorrow and tears

Joys and moments of laughter too

Heartaches and happiness

Thank You indeed for soul mates

Those whom You have sent

To lighten the weight

To provide relief on the way

For human You have made us

And human too are our needs

Thank You for the gift of friends.

Yes, many were the beautiful people

Who came and touched my life

Lingering for a season

And then they moved on

Leaving me only memories

Joys and heartaches shared

I have loved them all

If only for a time

I have loved the laughter shared

Ever grateful for those times

The times we cried together

When we thought broken hearts

Could never be mended

Yes, those were special moments

To be cherished still.

Pilgrims we are on a journey

Each walking along the way

Striving to reach the eternal homeland

Where the Father lovingly beckons

Let us then our feet hurry along

Leaving along the way what encumbers us

Let us as we hurry along not falter

And should we see another tarry

With an encouraging word let us pray

For the journey is long and the destination far

The dangers and the temptations are many

Yes, it is a long, long journey

But when we travel together

Home is not too far away.






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