Who are you? Where did you come from?


I come from the mad dream

In the heart of a Portugese pirate

In search of new worlds; I am

The crimson wind that swells their sails,

The sea whose glassed hills and troughs

Their ship rides.


I come from the softness in a girl’s smile

I am a sea hibiscus seed that falls

Upon ochre sands, the dreaming tide

That bears it outward.


I am a frangipani tree that twists and turns

Towards the light, roots deep in clayley soil,

Excrement and ivory bones


Witch- fingers raking the bleached sky

To grasp what I came from,

That will lead me home

To the heart of me –


Diamond panes of sun, patches

Of sea- blue sky, stars manifold

As the links of love

That made me.




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