Lord Jesus, I have come to realize

Within Your Heart alone is there

Complete rest

For the weary, the sad and the lonely

Your Heart, so tender and so pure

Nurturing to life the wounded and the oppressed

Strengthening anew the weak and the disheartened

In Your Heart alone is there

Complete rest

Lord, I desire to be held close within

That You may put to rest

Every anxiety and every care

For in Your Heart alone is there perpetual peace.


Lord, You have the message of eternal life

Let me taste the sweetness of Your Word

Life-giving and true wisdom

I beg to understand

Teach me that I may live

Guide me that I may not falter

Let Your Word be the light

Show me Your way

I desire to follow

Then let Your Word dwell richly in my heart

And issue from my mouth

To give You praise, to give You praise.


Dull is the mind that fails to seek truth

Weak is the person struggling on his own

For what can one do without Your help?

What can one say without Your guidance?

Wisdom comes from You

All that is good, all that is perfect

You alone supply all my needs

Thank You, Lord for the gift of understanding

In one grace-filled moment,

You have caused me to know

Apart from You, all is in vain

Without You, no one could live

And so I rejoice

Having discerned Your call

Having embraced with such sweet gladness

All that You long to give me.


Today is all I have

To love and to serve my God

Yesterday is no more

Tomorrow may not come

Lord, grant me wisdom to live fully

This moment, this hour, this day.






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