Go forth


Step into the world; go forth

If you can, like the sunbirds,

Lightly, lightheartedly,

Head-deep in flowers

Sipping nectar.

Or like the peacocks,

Spreading their tails

While stars stream behind.

This is your gift.


If timidity runs through your veins

Like sweet metal, then be

Like the chameleon, invisible

Against grooved branches,

Between rounded edges of stones.

And if life is too hard, go forth

Like the snail, slowly,

Bearing it’s beautiful burden

Upon its back.


And if you have no legs to walk

Then crawl, like the earthworm

Heave after heave, on its pale belly.

Go forth whichever way you like,

You can. But leave your mark

Upon the world, go forth,

Go forth!






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