Conversion of the soul

A few days more to the anniversary of my Baptism

And you will have to pardon me for going on and on

I never tire of repeating the story of how it all happened

So surprisingly, so marvellously beautiful, you have to admit

And I wish to repeat it to you once more

Be patient and simply relish in my story

The story of how it had all happened

What a good story this really is

To have a sinner come to know the truth

The ugliness of living in sin and the joy of repentance

To have me know that God has been waiting for me

To acknowledge my need for Him

To acknowledge that not to desire conversion is just senseless

Like a person groping  in the dark

When the light is just there for the taking

Amazing but true

It takes just one moment, miraculously so for one

To realise that the Holy One is there waiting, waiting

For one to come home

To come to one’s senses

To accept forgiveness and pardon

To start life all over again

All over again

Yes, how wonderful this has all been these years

How can I not share my conversion story?



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