Do you love me, Jo?

I am moved to share after reading Ambrose’s reflection. . .

A long time ago, I too heard the question:

Do you love me, Jo?                                         

I heard it, and I remember shedding lots of tears. . .

Indeed, it has taken years of struggling                                                                  and even now I dare say

For it is not at all easy to love our Lord the way He loves us

Too weak and too frail  

Too calculating regarding the consequences we cannot know

Not enough trust and not enough confidence

Are we fools or weaklings . . .

I have not the answer but I dare say

I love our Lord the way I do and the way I desire

Always with His grace

 For apart from Him, no one can do anything

Absolutely nothing

Yes, my Lord and my God, you know it all!

You know that Ambrose and I and so many others love you!

Help us so we can love you even more deeply. . .  



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