Psalm 34:4,”I seek Yahweh, and he answers me and frees me from all of my fears.”

Fears are such a tangible aspect of life

I remember

When I was young

My dad taught me to ride the bicycle

By removing the training wheels

I protested,

Remarking that it would be unbalanced

I fell many times

But my dad was there to watch out for me

Now Jesus is there

I am still on the bicycle

Riding through the ups and downs in life

Still accident prone

No insurance for bicycles

Jesus is a good enough insurance

That he always tell me

I have done enough

You can dismount now, child

Take a rest and let me take-over

I am grateful that Jesus has answered most of my prayers

By taking control of the bicycle

So that the speed is just right

And there are lesser obstacles on the road

I was much happier and carefree when I was younger

Because I could be by myself

Without any disturbance

Now,I have to meet deadlines

Answer text messages late in the night

Worry, worry,worry

I now do not have a bicycle anymore

But despite the mountain of fears that lies ahead

Jesus reassures me to take up the cross

To get back on the bicycle as now

It has become a two-seater

That by seeking Jesus

And cycling with him

Into the unexpected

And the unknown

Will be much easier.

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



One thought on “Bicycle

  1. Fee did a good job of selecting pictures that speak to our heart. We could relate and one can clearly see how inspired you were, Darren. Praise God!

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