Feeding of Birds


Psalm 52:8,”I, for my part, like an olive tree growing in the house of God, put my trust in God’s love for ever and ever.”


The first thing in the morning that I do is to

Run to look outside the garden

To see whether the flowers have bloomed

It never ceases to amaze me

That a seed can someday grow into a tree

A tree, where birds can raise their young

And also get food from the fruits hanging on the branches

I am reminded of God’s unfailing love

That he will provide

For all those who thirst and hunger

Be it spiritual or physical food

Everyone wants to be nourished

Taking care of plants have taught me,

To be patient, nurturing and detailed

Detailed to know that

I have to trim and cut off branches

That are too long or have dried up

Like cutting off sinful ways and habits

So that new shoots can grow

Nurturing would be to loosen the soil

The soil that represents our heart

To let kindness and the need to speak up

For those that need it

The people under-appreciated

Those trying to make a living

And patience to wait

To wait for a seemingly dead plant

A plant with no leaves

To come back to life

And we to come back to Jesus


Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



One thought on “Feeding of Birds

  1. Pruning is often painful; but once the pruning is done, the flowers and the fruits show up and then there is much rejoicing. It is part and parcel of our lives with the Lord, is it not? Praise Him!

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