Looking out for Peace

Psalm 23:1-3,”Yahweh is my shepherd, I lack nothing. In meadows of green grass he lets me lie, To the waters of repose he leads me; there he revives my soul. He guides me by paths of virtue for the sake of his name.”


What is that?

I have been searching for peace

Peering into the depths of my soul

Finding out what is stopping me

From finding peace

Prayers have pointed me to greener pastures

The green is fleeting, the waters trickling

The only time I have experienced peace

Is when I stopped proving myself

To my parents, relatives and friends

All asking me to put grades first

Before anything else

No time for rest except sleep

Is it worth it?

I do not know

I look at the image of Divine Mercy on the glass shelf

And I see Jesus

As the Good Shepherd

The Shepherd who loves me

Is the love sufficient?

I believe it is as whenever I feel the odds are against me

I say a short prayer

To comfort myself

Perhaps I need a short getaway

To remove the veil covering my eyes

So that I will not have to peep anymore

But to experience God’s comfort in full.

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



One thought on “Looking out for Peace

  1. What a good way for us to gather and write on a Saturday morning. Praise the Lord! Hopefully more of the bloggers can join us.

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