The Arctic Circle


Psalm 148:4-5, “Praise him, highest heavens, and waters above the heavens! Let them all praise the name of Yahweh.”

God, you have given us nature

Majestic, majestic nature

How I have yearned to be able to explore

The world that you have created

The beauty in detail

Even if I have not seen snowfall before

But I know that

Through your greatness

Everything has been created

Respect is needed to appreciate your creation

That we need to care for the environment

So that the circle of life

Would be left untouched

By the greed of men

And that the snow-capped peaks

And the habitats of the polar bears

Creatures that seek refuge

Will be around for generations to come

Dear God,

Continue to watch over your creation

That people would be made aware

Aware of your goodness to them

In showing them

The wonders of mother nature.

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong



One thought on “The Arctic Circle

  1. This is in keeping with Pope Francis’ call that we be mindful of the world God has created. Praise God!

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