Golden orb spider – Sungei Buloh


This Golden Orb spider that has drawn

into herself all colors of the night and stolen

shards from the sun stretches her legs

to the ends of her shining story.


Many times I followed the twisting path

of her laced labyrinth, circled inwards,

doubled back, lost myself on paths

previously trodden,


hands as outstretched lest I fall

through gaps between treacherous

threads into chaos and smash

upon concrete below.


Many times I stood before Grandma Spider,

light-flecked darkness at the heart

of all things. Devoured and spat out,

I bore her gifts upon the road that wound

to where the end of my story

meets the world.


Be careful not to destroy

the glittering map that hangs

from branch to branch

upon your path.


You may save baby pied fantails,

moths, mosquitoes trapped

in stitchery.


But it is my story you destroy.

Or perhaps, your own.


Written by Moira Ong




2 thoughts on “Golden orb spider – Sungei Buloh

  1. Golden Orb spiders are among my favourites, we always have one or two that build webs around our house. This year there was a huge one outside our back door and she stayed for months and we got quite attached to her! She laid three egg sacks before winter, and it was so sad to see her empty web with the start of winter. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that your poem really spoke to me, and I’m on your side! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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