Night fall -Pulau Ubin


If you look away only for a moment

you will miss the golden time –


this particular shade of salmon-pink sky

admiring itself between the frog-pads,

the green imperial pigeon that perches

above your head, oriental pied hornbills

flying home to roost. When this silken scarf


has fluttered away, dusk lays her blanket

over the earth in the time of insects rising,

swoop of swiftlets and bee-eaters, tup-tup

of nightjar. When even the last pale sliver


of light has fled, you glimpse

in the tangle of shade and shadow

the starlit eye-shine of a civet cat

startled still on a branch, the small

warm body of a fruit bat backlit

by broad leaves, hear in the distance

the bark and growl of a wood owl.


All these fall like gifts as you look elsewhere,

at termites teeming from their nest and above,

a flying fox soars from branch to branch,

a shade darker than the sky.


All these soft creatures of the night

that you cannot see, they too

demand to be loved.


written by Moira Ong






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