Do not forget the Creator!



Psalm 104 comes to mind now

I think of God’s marvellous creations

Of wild goats  climbing up a mountain so swiftly

Of lovely birds flying in formation

Of raindrops and showers of blessing

Of cats and dogs and all animals

Now  I look at this yellow fish  

Its body so well designed, so cleverly fashioned

I am tempted to speak What’s up? What upsets you?

If you only knew or simply cherish God’s amazing love

If you could appreciate what He has done, has given us

A world so amazing, so fascinating. so gorgeous 

You would be so deliriously happy, so very grateful

But I am so sad, so sad, so very sad

No longer the same

No longer what it used to be

Destruction continues

Greed reigns

Distressed or glum one ought to be

How can we help? What can we do?

Plenty! Plenty! Plenty!

To be aware

the first step and the next is

To take action to save Planet Earth!

Praise the Lord for  Darren in today’s writing session

Giving us time to share and to reflect

The earth needs our love

You would therefore do well   not to forget the CREATOR!



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