Hide and Shelter Me, O Lord


“For he shelters me under his awning in times of trouble,he hides me deep in his tent, sets me high on a rock”(Psalm 27:5). 

I am glad that I was

Introduced to the 10 Commandments of Mercy

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser 

It is a reminder that

As sinful and imperfect as we are

Who are we to judge?

Only Jesus can judge

Because he is our creator

I was shown great mercy and compassion

Whenever I fall or turn away

Another second chance

Another opportunity to right the wrongs

When there is trouble around the corner

Jesus opens a safe harbor

Somewhere I can go

Be it time spent in church or school

He will send someone

Or sometimes a group

That I know I am saved

And that there is nothing to fear

I remember that Jesus is always there

And more so in my time of need

He always has a plan

A plan so nice and perfect

Where he protects the hummingbird from the storm

Nestled in a nest on a hanging flower pot

A pot underneath a shelter

For we must build a shelter

In our hearts

A shelter for people

For people to feel love and appreciated again


Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong




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